Levemir FlexTouch (Insulin Detemir)

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Due to potential shortages of Levemir FlexTouch (Insulin Detemir) in Canada, we are following the recommendations from the Canadian Ministry of health, and have decided that we will temporarily remove Levemir FlexTouch (Insulin Detemir) from our online catalog.

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Levemir (Insulin Detemir)

Levemir, known by its generic name as Insulin Detemir, is a long-acting insulin used to manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It helps regulate glucose levels throughout the day, providing a stable and consistent source of insulin. Levemir is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in diabetes care.

Why Choose Levemir?

Levemir is a long-acting insulin that works by lowering blood sugar levels. It mimics the action of natural insulin produced by the pancreas, allowing glucose to enter cells, where it is used for energy or stored for future use. Levemir works steadily throughout the day, providing consistent blood sugar control.

How to use Levemir?

Levemir is typically administered once or twice daily, depending on individual needs and healthcare provider recommendations. It is administered via subcutaneous injection, usually in the thigh, upper arm, or abdomen. The specific dosage and timing of Levemir injections should be determined by a healthcare professional based on individual blood sugar levels and treatment goals.

Important Safety Information about Levemir

Before starting Levemir, inform your healthcare provider of any allergies, medical conditions, or medications you are taking. Levemir should not be used during episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult their healthcare provider before using Levemir.

Levemir should be stored in the refrigerator (between 36°F and 46°F) before first use. Once in use, it can be kept at room temperature (up to 86°F) for up to 42 days. Do not freeze or expose Levemir to direct heat or sunlight.

Fact Table of Levemir

Fact Fact Details
Product Name Levemir
Generic Name Insulin Detemir
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk
Type of Insulin Long-acting insulin
Indications Diabetes Mellitus
Administration Subcutaneous injection (thigh, upper arm, or abdomen)
Dosage Frequency Once or twice daily, as prescribed by a healthcare professional
Storage Refrigerate before first use; room temperature (up to 86°F) after opening and discard after 28 days
Precautions Avoid during hypoglycemia or if allergic to ingredients
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Consult healthcare provider
Duration of Action 20 hours
Compatibility with Other Meds Can be used with oral antidiabetic agents or short-acting insulin

Common Side Effects of Levemir

As with any medication, Levemir may cause side effects in some individuals. It is essential to consult your healthcare provider before starting Levemir and report any side effects experienced during treatment. Common side effects of Levemir include

  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Injection site reactions
  • Weight gain
  • Allergic reactions
  • Swelling
  • Low potassium levels

Always consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns about side effects or if you experience any unusual symptoms while using Levemir.

How Can You Buy Levemir (Insulin Detemir)?

You can order Levemir (Insulin Detemir) using these methods on our website:

  1. Order Online
  2. Order by Phone
  3. Order by Fax
  4. Order your refills

Visit our How to order page.

How much does (Insulin Detemir) Cost?

Levemir FlexTouch Insulin Pens – 100u/mL Solution (Shipped from Canada)

  • 5 pens costs $220.79
  • 10 pens costs $395.79
  • 15 pens costs $570.59
  • 20 pens costs $735.59

Levemir PenFill Cartridge – 100u/mL Solution (Shipped from Canada)

  • 5 cartridges costs $210.79
  • 10 cartridges costs $375.79
  • 15 cartridges costs $540.79
  • 20 cartridges costs $705.59
  • 25 cartridges costs $865.59

Pharmaserve is known for providing competitive pricing on medications like Levemir, ensuring affordable access to this important treatment option.

Product Review

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PharmaServe now offers you the option to make 4-interest-free payments by credit card once your order is confirmed using

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