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Insulin and Diabetic Medication FAQ

  1. Where is my insulin medication or diabetic supplies shipped from?

    All of our insulin products and diabetic supplies are supplied and shipped from one of our licensed affiliated Canadian Pharmacies.

  2. How Much Are Shipping Charges and How Long Will The Order Take?

    As Insulin is temperature sensitive, all orders will be shipped via DHL Express and a flat rate of $29.99 USD charge will apply. The order will take between 1-4 business days to reach your doorstep in the continental U.S.

    All diabetic supplies and oral-based medication will have a flat shipping rate of $9.99 USD and may take between 5-15 business days.

    To have better control of shipments, all insulin orders will ship out between Monday to Thursday.

  3. If I place an order for insulin, will it spoil or get damaged in shipment?

    To help ensure the integrity of your package, all of our insulin orders are shipped in insulated styrofoam containers with several ice and gel packs to ensure safety during shipment. Keep in mind that all insulin can survive for up to 30 days at room temperature. Also, we ship out the order via DHL express, which takes anywhere from 1-4 business days to reach its final destination.

  4. How Much Can I order at a time?

    Due to Canadian/American government regulations, your individual orders are limited up to a 3 month supply. If you'd like, we can alert you when you are about to run out of your medication so you don't forget.

  5. Can I order Insulin Medication for my Pet?

    Of course ! As long as you have a valid pet prescription, we would be more than happy to assist you. You will need to register a new account and choose "Pet" as the option. You can also place the order by calling us at 1-800-258-0477.

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