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Generic Equivalents   What's the difference?

Generic Equivalents   What's the difference?


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Eliquis Drug Information


    Eliquis has belonged to a certain class of drugs, which is called anticoagulants, especially the type of Xa blockers. This class belongs to a group of medicines that works in the same way. All of this group of drugs works in a similar way, i-e, to treat the blood clotting conditions.

    Eliquis works by thinning your blood and helps in preventing the body from forming the blood clots. This anticoagulant does this by blocking certain substances like Xa. As a result of this blocking of protein or substance, there will be a reduction in the amount of thrombin enzyme in our blood. This thrombin is basically a substance that is responsible for causing blood clots by causing the platelets present in your body to stick together with one another. When this thrombin enzyme gets decreased, this will keep your body from (thrombus) serious blood clotting.


    The proper use of any medicine is highly important; otherwise, it can create serious issues or of no use. So, before taking Eliquis, you will have to first read the medication guide if it is available. Otherwise, you can get the patient information leaflet by the pharmacist prior to starting Eliquis. If you are having any questions regarding the medication, then you can ask it from your pharmacist or doctor.

    You can use this medicine by your mouth either with or without any food or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor, which is usually taking twice in a day with a span of hours. If you are not comfortable in swallowing a whole tablet through the mouth, you can crush it and mix it in the water, juice, or applesauce and drink it right away.

    The dosage of this medicine is based on your doctor's recommendation, on your condition, weight, age, kidney function, other medications which you might be taking, and the response of your body against treatment. Make it sure to tell your pharmacist or doctor about all the other medications or products that you are taking (including nonprescription drugs, herbal products, prescribed drugs). IF you start taking Eliquis in order to prevent yourself from blood clots after having surgery, then the treatment will be based on the type of surgery that you had.

    However, once you start taking this medicine, then do not stop it without consulting your pharmacist or doctor as in some of the situations, the condition of the paper becomes worse when you suddenly stop using this medicine. And also, do not run out of this medicine. You can order the refills before in order to avoid the situation where you run out of these pills.

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  • Tips for Eliquis

    • Take Eliquis twice a day with or without food at the same time each day. Never stop this medicine suddenly unless the provider says you to do so.

    • In case you are going for a dental surgery, remember to make sure that your dentist knows you’re taking Eliquis as well as which provider has prescribed it for you. You might have to temporarily stop taking Eliquis for a few days before getting the procedure.

    • In case that you fall and hit the head hard, remember to call the provider who has prescribed you Eliquis immediately. This is especially true if you’ve a really bad dizziness or headache. Your provider might want to check you for a brain bleed.

    • Eliquis could interact with different medications, including OTC products, herbal supplements as well as vitamins. Make sure that your provider as well as the pharmacist know about all the medications that you’re taking.

    • Indigestion

  • Side effects of Eliquis

    • Every medicine comes up with certain benefits and risks. Even if the medicine is working properly, you might experience some undue or unwanted side effects. So, you experience any side effects from the following, then do consult your doctor.

    • Increased risk of a stroke or blood clots if Eliquis is stopped too early.

    • You may face Paralysis if you need to have had a lumbar puncture done or an epidural placed (Can cause bleeding around your spinal cord, which can cause weakness or paralysis) and major bleeding or extreme loss of blood.

    • The below mentioned side effects would get better over time as the body gets used to the medication. But consult with your doctor immediately if you continuously experience these symptoms or if they get worse over time.

  • Common side effects

    • Nosebleeds

    • More bleeding than usual

    • Bleeding gums

    • Bruising

  • Other side effects

    • Major bleeding (bleeding that requires immediate medical attention)

    • Rectal bleeding

    • Heavy menstrual bleeding

    • Blood in urine

  • Pros

    • If you've had clots in your legs or lungs before, Eliquis could lower the chance of these forming again

    • You don't have to have blood tests on Eliquis on regular basis

    • Has a lower chance of life-threatening bleeding as compared to other blood thinners, for example warfarin

    • You don't have to watch your diet like with other blood thinners

  • Cons

    • Can't be used if you have artificial heart valves or problems with your heart valves

    • Has to be taken two time a day

    • Cuts take longer to stop bleeding, and you can bruise more easily while taking Eliquis

    • No generic available yet very expensive

    • In case of emergencies, it's more difficult to reverse Eliquis than warfarin.

  • Bottom Line

    Eliquis decreases the clotting in the blood as well as it is used in the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions that are connected with blood clots. It is an antidote and does not require monitoring.

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