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EARN and REDEEM rewards for discounts on future orders!


PharmaServe is a trusted leader in providing high-quality prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. We offer products at prices up to 70% lower than local brick-and-mortar (or online) pharmacies, and provide dedicated 24/7 customer support to improve patient experiences. We strive to ensure that your experience with us continues to exceed your expectations, and are constantly working to improve our offerings for customers like you.

Your continued loyalty in using PharmaServe is our greatest pride. As an additional way of saying thank you to our customers, we’ve introduced a new Rewards Program. Patients can earn and redeem myPharmaBucks with their orders, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders!

Please read below for more details about myPharmaBucks Rewards Program, and for a brief overview of how it holds up against competing pharmaceutical providers.

  1. How is myPharmaBucks better than competing pharmacy rewards programs?

    MyPharmaBucks reward program takes a customer-centric approach, with service offerings that provide greater savings than those offered by local or chain pharmacies (physical and online). The program includes the following benefits and rewards:

    • You earn rewards on every dollar you spend on any medication, for every order. You earn rewards every time you fill or refill prescriptions for yourself, your family members, or your pets. The reward is equivalent to 3% cash back on every $1 spent on any prescription or over-the-counter medication
    • No signing-up or signup fee
    • No monthly or annual subscription
    • No membership/rewards card to carry, present or swipe, and no membership number to remember
    • No limit to how much myPharmBucks you can earn
    • No additional information required from you in order to earn or redeem myPharmaBucks
    • Your rewards are automatically linked to your PharmaServe account
    • You can even earn rewards on orders you apply a previously-earned reward to. You can redeem the newly earned reward on any subsequent order. Basically, it’s a cashback reward double dip!
    • You can earn unlimited myPharmaBucks rewards
    • You receive a report, showing the amount of myPharmaBucks you have earned and redeemed as well as your balance, four times a year (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st)
    • You can also obtain myPharmaBucks balance anytime by contacting us (1-800-258-0477, info@pharmaserve.com)
  2. How do I EARN myPharmaBucks?

    You earn an equivalent of 3% cash back on every $1 spent at PharmaServe, each time you order prescription or over-the-counter medication for yourself, your family, and your pets:

    • Basic rewards: You earn 1% cash back as rewards on every dollar you spend on every medication on every order every time you fill or refill prescriptions for yourself, your family or your pets. This is credited to your account immediately after your medication has been shipped. It expires six months after the reward is originally earned.
    • Birthday rewards: You receive an additional 1% cash back on every $1 spent at PharmaServe on your (and your family and pets) medications since your last birthday (or since the start of the program, whichever comes later). This is credited into your PharmaServe account on the 1st day of your birthday month and is valid throughout your birth month. It is our way of celebrating with you!
    • Kickoff rewards: to start you off on myPharmaBucks rewards program, we have proactively credited your PharmaServe account with an equivalent of at least 1% of the total amount that you have spent since creating your account with us. It can be redeemed immediately upon your next order, within the three months after it was issued.
  3. How do I REDEEM myPharmaBucks?

    MyPharmaBucks are available for use on subsequent order(s) immediately after the order on which the reward was earned has been shipped. To redeem myPharmaBucks, contact us (1-800-258-0477, info@pharmaserve.com, chat on pharmaserve.com) or leave a comment on your order.

    • Redeem your earned rewards on your next order, or watch it grow and redeem accrued rewards on any future order (it’s entirely your choice!!!).
    • Redeem myPharmaBucks on request in units of $5PB (1PB is equivalent to $1 discount). Available as $5, $10, $15, … $50).
    • Basic myPharmaBucks must be used withing 6 months of earning them.
    • Birthday rewards must be used during the birth month.
    • When you redeem myPharmaBucks, they are deducted from your myPharmaBucks account.
    • myPharmaBucks cannot be combined with any other discounts.
    • myPharmaBucks rewards in an account cannot be combined with those from other accounts.
    • For safety reasons, shipped medications are not returnable. However, if in an extraordinary situation a shipped medication is returned, it is destroyed. In these cases, the amount of myPharmaBucks earned on such an order shall be reversed.
    • myPharmaBucks can only be used as partial payment towards your medications, and cannot be exchanged for cash. Therefore, you can only redeem a myPharmaBucks amount that is less than the cost of your medication(s) in that transaction.
  4. How do I CHECK myPharmaBucks balance?
    • Log in to your PharmaServe account.
    • Scroll down and click on "Loyalty Programs".
    • You'll be redirected to a page where you can view: Total Earned MPB
      Total Redeemed MPB
      Total MPB Balance
      Redeemable MPB Balance
    • If you wish to use your rewards on your next order:
      Add a note in the order comment section before confirming your order. Or, let us know through our customer service channels: email, chat, text, or call.
    • For an Eguide see https://pharmaserve.com/checking-mypharmabucks-balance/
  5. What Else Do I need to Know?
    • To serve you better, this rewards program may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.
    • myPharmaBucks are redeemable as credits on each patient’s PharmaServe account. They have no cash value remittance to patients.
    • myPharmaBucks is not cash and therefore cannot be redeemed for cash.
    • myPharmaBucks are not transferable from account to account.
  6. How can I update, modify, or change my order?

    To make any changes to your order, please contact us via email (info@pharmaserve.com ), chat, text, or phone (1-800-258-0477) or by clicking Contact Us

  7. Where can I check my order tracking status?

    You can check the status and tracking number of your order by logging into your account and clicking 'My Account' at the upper right part of the website or directly by clicking this link: https://pharmaserve.com/account-info/

  8. How can I update my shipping address on my order?

    To make any changes to your order, please contact us via email (info@pharmaserve.com ), chat, text, or phone (1-800-258-0477) or by clicking Contact Us

  9. What would be the price of my medication with insurance?

    At this time we do not have arrangements with health insurance companies or prescription benefit management companies (PBMs) for prescription drug coverage. US insurance plans will not accept claims from any foreign pharmacy. We will issue you a receipt with your prescription that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  10. Why is the status of my order 'On Hold'?

    Your order may be on hold status because we require confirmation from you. Please contact us via email (info@pharmaserve.com), chat, text, or phone (1-800-258-0477) or by clicking Contact Us

  11. Are you legit or licensed?

    Absolutely! We are an online prescription referral service based in Canada. We partner with multiple licensed pharmacies to ensure that we provide safe and affordable medication to our patients. You can check out what our patients say about us by visiting this link: Patient Trustpilot Testimonials

  12. How do I get 2% off using Sezzle?

    By redeeming your MPB rewards, you can enjoy up to a 2% discount when using Sezzle. Simply reach out to us to confirm your MPB reward code. You can reach us via email (info@pharmaserve.com), chat, text, or phone (1-800-258-0477) or by clicking Contact Us