In fulfilling part of our commitment to meeting and surpassing the privacy standards, we have followed in governing our actions the Ten Privacy Principles of personal information protection and electronic Documents Act in respect to the use of personal information. Our primary concern every time at is protecting your personal information, and making your confidentiality safe.

Our current privacy policy includes the following:

We have assigned a person, who is accountable for acting in accordance with the Ten Privacy Principles. All in accomplishing our mission to keep and protect all personal information within our control.

Ascertaining Purposes
At the time or before any information is gathered, the intention for such personal information shall be determined.

Excluding where the law consents or requires the use or disclosure of personal information, the consent and knowledge of the customer when collecting information is needed at all times.

Restricting Collection
Only by lawful means must/is information collected. only collects details of personal information absolutely essential for identification.

Restriction on, Retention Disclosure, and Use
We retain personal information for the specific period of time it is need to accomplish/carry out the purpose it was collected for. Unless the customer has given consent, or it is required or endorsed by law, personal information can only be disclosed or used for its collection purpose.

Precise, up to date and complete are the form of our personal information, to fulfil the purpose for which it is to be used must be preserved/kept.

Safeguarding Personal information
Security precautionary measures that are suitable to the sensitivity level of the personal information must be utilized.

In relation to the policies and practices that are relevant to the management of customer’s information, is expected to make such information available to customers.

Customer Access
A customer shall be informed of the fact, disclosure and use of their information, they shall be given access, to their information when requested for. If suitable they may also upon request amend or verify the correctness and entirety of their details.

Dealing with Customer suggestions and complaint
In collecting, maintaining, protecting and using the information you give us, the following guidelines state the principles we use. Customers may address any enquiries or questions to the assigned person responsible for privacy at, in regards to the privacy principles mentioned above, or in respect to our practices.

The Various Types of information we gather
At the information we gather and use most of the time includes these personal information, your name, email, occupation, telephone numbers, sex, age, mailing address, employment status, name of your primary physician and contact information, height, referral source, date of birth, weight, medications requested, presence of allergies and types of drugs allergies, credit card information, name of card holder, the card type, number and expiry date, family medical history, details of existing medications. This is our all to fulfil your orders for our products and services.

The products and services we are able to make available may be limited, and our advice or recommendations of suitable alternatives difficult, if you decide to withhold information from us. Of course the choice to provide us with personal information is yours. We may request for further information if we are unable to take care of your requests on the basis of the information given and to help identify other ways we can be of help. We may collect information that are anonymous/ non-personal, and also keep for customer inquiry purposes, a file holding contact history. Anonymous/ non-personal information cannot be traced or connected to precise individual or business entity.

What we use Personal Information for
At, to offer the further services and products we sell, we may use your personal details. We will not give your personal information without your prior consent to a third party organization for promotion or solicitation use. All records holding personal information may be transferred to the purchaser, in case of the sale of all or considerable assets of
We will inform and request your consent, if your details is needed to fulfil a different purpose before we continue. It’s only for the purposes we have disclosed to you, we use your personal information for.

Employing sound and legal methods to collect an overdue account, suspicion of illegal activities or a medical emergency, are some of the situations we are legally allowed to reveal personal information.

Also we may be required by the authorities in instances like a court order or in the course of legal proceedings to divulge certain information. We will take care to make sure the authorities have legitimate grounds in making their requests, also only the information particularly requested will be disclosed.
Security Measures

Our client’s electronic files are kept in in a secure environment coupled with qualified access, while paper files are kept in controlled access areas. In ensuring your personal information is secured against unsanctioned access, misuse, disclosure or unsuitable alterations, we employ the use of technologies and security standards that are up to date.

We use current technologies, and review our security practices periodically to help us protect the privacy and confidentiality of your information. We accurately follow our firewall infrastructure and manage the environment of our server appropriately.

All employees are mandated to observe our laid down privacy standards, and follow all the relevant laws and regulations as part of their employment conditions. Unapproved access to or revealing client information or details by employee is out rightly barred. Failure by any employee in maintain confidentiality of clients personal information at all times will lead to suitable disciplinary action, including dismissal. We try to control access by approved employees to personal information in the course of our everyday operations, who have valid reason and business purpose for accessing it.

Accessing and Correcting Your Information
It is crucial that your personal information is complete and correct, as we often make decisions on the basis of the information we have. You have the right as a customer to correct, access and verify the information contained in your financial and personal files.

If you detect any outdated or wrong information in your files, we will provide you with a corrected copy of the information after making the necessary changes. Also we will convey these changes to other third parties where appropriate, who may have obtained incorrect information unintentionally from us. In spite of our efforts, errors sometimes happen, we urge you to make corrections and change any mistakes as often as possible, thus helping us keep your personal information up to date.

Privacy Officer
With regards to your personal information or our practices, customers may contact our privacy officer and direct any questions and enquiries to him on this platform: Fax Number: 1-800-281-1789

Updating this Policy
When we determine it is appropriate to do so, we may modify, remove or add part of this policy. We shall give notice in well-timed manner any changes in our information handling practices and privacy policy. Consulting the modification date at the top of every privacy policy web page, assists you in knowing when this policy was last updated.