How to use Saxenda:
Your healthcare provider will guide you on how to use Saxenda. Follow their instructions carefully. Take Saxenda once a day, at any time that works for you. Inject it under your skin in the stomach, upper arm, or thigh, avoiding muscles or veins. Change the injection site daily to avoid reusing the same spot.
Starting and Increasing the Dose:
Begin with 0.6 mg of Saxenda daily in the first week.. In the second week, you can increase your dose to 1.2 mg daily. In the third week, take 1.8 mg daily, and in the fourth week, use 2.4 mg. Keep increasing your dose until you reach a total of 3 mg per dose. You should not change your dose unless instructed by your doctor. Children who can’t tolerate the 3 mg dose may take 2.4 mg daily.
Diet and Exercise:
Your physician will also recommend a diet and exercise plan to follow while taking Saxenda. Continue with this program as directed by your healthcare provider. This approach will help you use Saxenda effectively and safely.

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