NovoLog PenFill
Insulin Aspart

This is a refrigerated product.  A default $29.99 Express shipping fee is applied.  It will be shipped out in a insulated styrofoam container with gel and ice packs inside.  Parcels are shipped via Canada Post Express.

Novorapid (Novolog) PenFill Cartridges Drug Info (Pack with 5 cartridges x 3 mL each)


    Novorapid (Novolog) PenFill Cartridges are insulin cartridges for use in your insulin injection pen to help control fluctuations in high blood sugar levels. Insulin aspart is the generic and chemical name for brand NovoLog. It is known as NovoRapid in Canada, which is what you will receive when you order from us. Insulin aspart is a fast-acting, man-made insulin that begins to work about fifteen minutes after injection and keeps working for 3-5 hours. These Cartridges are filled with 3 mL of insulin aspart and come in a pack of five.


    Novorapid (or Novolog in US) is a type of mealtime or bolus insulin, which works quickly to regulate blood sugar levels during and after the time of eating. You can start to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after taking it, with its peak action taking effect between 45-90 minutes, while lasting approximately 3-5 hours. These times are based on averages and can fluctuate due to which injection region you use, the temperature of the medication, your blood flow and exercise.


    Always follow the health advice of your doctor or other healthcare professional. Many different factors can affect your dose, including your diet, illness, activity level, work schedule,medication usage, pregnancy and travel. You should always closely monitor your blood sugar levels, especially if you are switching to Novorapid (Novolog) from another insulin. A longer-acting insulin is often used together with Novorapid (Novolog) to cover the periods of time between doses.


    • Anxiety

    • Cold Sweats

    • Headache

    • Excessive Hunger

    • Drowsiness

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