Novolin GE 30 / 70 Vial (Human Insulin)

Novolin GE 30 / 70 Vial
Insulin Injection, Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic


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This is a refrigerated product.  A default $29.99 Express shipping fee is applied.  It will be shipped out in a insulated styrofoam container with gel and ice packs inside.  Parcels are shipped via Canada Post Express.

Novolin GE 30 / 70 Vial Drug Info (Pack with 1 x 10 mL Vial)


    Novolin GE 30/70 Vials are 10 mL vials full of a unique mix of 30% regular human insulin and 70% NPH, human insulin isophane solution for use with a syringe.

    Regular insulin, also known as soluble or neutral insulin, is short-acting insulin with an onset of about half an hour and a duration of up to 8 hours. NPH insulin, also known as isophane insulin, is a type of intermediate type of acting insulin with an onset of about ninty minutes lasting up to 24 hours.


    Novolin GE 30/70 functions the same way naturally occurring human insulin does. In people who have diabetes, some don’t make enough of their own insulin and others cannot use the insulin their body creates properly. Normally insulin is produced by the pancreas, which is a large organ near the stomach. Insulin is important in metabolism, as it controls the breakdown of food, such as fats, proteins and sugars. It promotes the absorption of sugar from out of your blood into fat, liver and skeletal muscle cells, and also blocks your liver’s ability to produce and release sugar back into your blood. If there is no insulin, the sugar is trapped in your bloodstream and cannot enter the cells of your body to be used for energy.


    Always follow the health advice of your doctor or other healthcare professional. When you use Novolin GE 30/70, be sure to eat a meal within 45 minutes. Never use extra medicine to make up for a missed dose.


    • Hypoglycemia

    • Serious allergic reaction

    • Local allergic reaction

    • Lipodystrophy

    • Swelling of your hands and feet

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