Alarming Facts: In the United States, 2 in 5 students have a Chronic Condition. Having a disease in childhood is very common in times like these.

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In this article, we will study the most common disease in childhood, how to tackle them, and what precautions to take to prevent them from happening to your children.


In this developing world, everything is growing at an exceptional rate. The advancement of technology, online platforms, healthcare, and medications. With all this advancement, awareness is also important. After surviving Covid19, you should be extra careful with your health and your family’s health as well, especially your children.

Many diseases develop in childhood itself. It is practically impossible to stop all diseases to form in a child as some of the diseases are inherited by the child. But you can avoid some of the common curable diseases.

As the saying goes “Precaution is better than cure”, it is a simple way of saying that you should always be aware and prepared for your children’s healthcare management. It is the role of a parent to take good care of their children and protect them from any harm.

It is an important responsibility of a parent or guardian to be aware of the medical condition of their children if they have one. Disease management is also an important factor in parenting. The growth of a child depends on its healthy lifestyle and as a parent, it is necessary to look out for that need.

Most Common Childhood Diseases

Most Common Diseases

Dealing with a sick child is a difficult thing to do, every parent knows that. All kinds of illnesses are troublesome but some of them are not that serious and can be treated or avoided if managed properly. Here are some basic and most common diseases a child can get

  • Common Cold

Common Cold is the most common disease around the globe even adults are not safe from it. It develops more in children because of their poor eating habits. The joy of having something cold like ice cream or any other food items which are sweet and possibly cold will lead the children to the common cold.

  • Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a skin disease in which your body is covered with red itchy spots. It is the most common illness to be found in children and toddlers. The itchiness makes it the most irritable disease. It is said that you will only get this disease once in your lifetime.

  • Sinus Infection

It is also known as sinusitis. Sinus creates mucus inside your nose which results in nose moisture. This is a kind of disease that is usually passed down from generation to generation and is also most commonly found in children.

  • Asthma

Asthma is characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways in the lungs, while it can affect people of all ages, it is most common in children. Although many factors can lead to you developing asthma, it is most commonly inherited from the parent.

  • Influenza

In common terms, influenza is also known as flu. It usually develops due to coughing and sneezing from infected people or it can be viral too. It is the most common disease in childhood.

precautions to protect your child from most common diseases

Precautions and Control of Disease in Childhood

Ideally, when your child got any kind of illness or disease it is sensible to take them to a doctor for proper treatment and guidance. There are some precautions to avoid getting into this situation in the first place. Here are some steps you can take to keep things in your control.

  • Stay Hygenic

Hygiene is the most important factor in disease control. It means washing your hands and keeping them clean at all times. Always carry a handkerchief to cover your nose or mouth while sneezing or coughing to avoid the spread of germs to others. Advise all this important information to your children.

  • Take Important Vaccinations

There are many important vaccinations for children to take such as Polio. Giving all the necessary vaccines to your children will help with the unstoppable growth of children physically and mentally. Giving vaccines to children at an early age will shape their bodies to fight or avoid any troublesome diseases or illnesses.

  • Stay Up to Date

Covid19 pandemic has taught us the importance of vaccines and having knowledge about the latest illness or disease which keeps on occurring in our life. Always stay aware and up to date with the latest growth in the healthcare and medication industry to avoid trouble.


It is necessary for parents and guardians to be aware of the most common childhood diseases and take measures to prevent them. By staying up to date on recommended vaccinations, practicing good hygiene, and taking care to manage any underlying medical conditions, we can help protect the health of our children and ensure that they grow and thrive. Remember, it is always better to be proactive and take preventive measures rather than wait for a problem to arise. With proper care and attention, we can help our children lead healthy and happy lives.


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