How Long Does Trulicity Stay in Your System?

Diabetes is a difficult condition to live with. You may feel tired, urinate often, suffer from blurry vision, and so on. Not to mention, it also makes you more prone to developing other diseases, one of the most common being cardiovascular disease. In this guide, we will study how long Trulicity stays in the system.

Having Diabetes predisposes a patient to vascular disorders like stroke and coronary artery disease (CAD). Depending on the individual, said risk may be higher.

In such situations, treating using insulin medication may not be enough. Though insulin is the most well-known diabetes medication, there are other alternatives for treating Type 2 Diabetes that also work to prevent cardiovascular complications. Such an example of alternative diabetes medication is Trulicity.

What is Trulicity And How Does It Work?

Trulicity is a prescription medicine that helps Type 2 Diabetes patients lower their blood sugar levels as well as reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular problems like a heart attack or stroke. It is usually prescribed when diet and exercise fail to control blood sugar and it’s usually prescribed on top of dietary changes and exercise to achieve the best results.

Trulicity is an injection-type dulaglutide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist. This means that Trulicity stimulates the body’s natural production of insulin while also inhibiting glucagon to slow digestion and it is only injected only once a week.

Trulicity comes in a liquid solution form which can be bought in pre-filled, single-use disposable pens in 0.75mg and 1.5mg doses.

How Should You Take Trulicity?

First and foremost, only take Trulicity if your doctor prescribes it. And always follow instructions to avoid any adverse reactions or side effects. Also, disclose all other drugs, supplements, and substances you are taking as these may react with Trulicity and impact its effectiveness.

When taking Trulicity, your doctor will assess your need and will usually get you started on a low dosage before increasing it over time, usually after three to six months, until you reach the dosage your doctor determined is right for you. This can be anywhere from 1.5mg to 4.5mg weekly doses.

Keep in mind the dosage your doctor prescribes you when you purchase Trulicity as Trulicity pens come in 2 doses, a 0.75mg dose, and a 1.5mg dose. Trulicity pens are designed for single use only so make sure you get the dose right.

Before administering Trulicity, always check the fluid for any discoloration or particles. If there is either, do not use that Trulicity pen and dispose of it properly.

 Always Self-Administer Trulicity

To self-administer Trulicity, remove the cap and hold the pen straight up and down on the skin where you will administer it, usually in your stomach, thigh, or upper arms. Then, push the green injection button until you hear a click, which indicates the beginning of your injection. Hold the pen in position for around 10 to 15 seconds until you hear another click; that means your injection is done.

Trulicity is injected subcutaneously once a week. It can be taken any time of the day but ideally, take it around the same time every week. If you miss a dose, you can still take your dose when you remember it if you are at least 72 hours away from your next scheduled dose. Then, take your next dose as scheduled.

If, for any reason you change the day of the week when you take Trulicity, this is alright as long as you make sure there is at least a 72-hour gap between your doses. Otherwise, skip a dose or you risk increasing your risk of developing serious side effects.

What Are the Side Effects of Trulicity? 

Like any medication, Trulicity can cause side effects ranging from mild to serious. Some of its common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly ache, upset stomach, constipation, decreased appetite, and lack of energy.

The above-mentioned side effects usually go away within a few days or weeks. Should it persist or worsen, consult your doctor immediately for medical advice.

But if you experience hives or have difficulty breathing, or you have swelling in the injection site, you may be having an allergic reaction. If so, seek immediate medical attention.

Also, if you have dark urine, urinate less than usual, and experience shortness of breath or swelling in your legs, you may have kidney damage. This, alongside pancreatitis, severe digestive problems, severe allergic reactions, hypoglycemia, and risk of thyroid cancer are some of the more severe side effects of Trulicity.

Be sure to watch out for unusual symptoms that don’t go away or worsen to avoid experiencing any of the serious side effects of taking Trulicity.

Meanwhile, if you lose weight after taking Trulicity, this is not alarming unless your doctor says it is so for your situation. Though Trulicity is a Diabetes medication and is not a weight loss medication, it may react with other Diabetes drugs you are taking. Depending on which Diabetes drugs you’re also taking, the weight you lose may vary.

How Long Does Trulicity Stay in Your system?

According to the FDA, the half-life for both 0.75mg and 1.5mg doses of Trulicity is approximately 5 days. Considering this, it will take approximately 27 to 30 days for Trulicity to completely be out of your system.

When Should You Stop Taking Trulicity?

You must follow your prescription for your treatment to work. However, if you experience serious side effects after taking Trulicity, call your doctor immediately and ask for instructions on what to do. They will decide whether to alter your dosage or take you off Trulicity.

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