Buying Prescription Drugs from Online Pharmacies in Canada


Buying from Online Pharmacies in Canada: Are They Legal?

It is legal to purchase prescription drugs online from an online pharmacy as long as it is established in the United States and follows all state and federal laws. In this article, we will provide important and legal information for people to buy from online pharmacies in Canada.

If you add up your total cost of prescription medicines each month, you often end up with a depressing number. It’s no wonder that people are constantly looking for new information for cheaper ways to get the drugs that they need to live normal lives. Some find refuge in coupons while others start considering purchasing medicine online. You buy tons of other products online, so why not purchase your prescription medicines from an online pharmacy? (Xanax)

The challenge that most people face is that there are tons of websites advertising online pharmacies. How do you know which ones are safe and which ones are scams? Will you violate state laws by purchasing medications online or via mail order?

Here’s the information you need to know about the legalities of shopping at an online pharmacy.

Online Pharmacies and Websites Selling Prescription Drugs

Shopping online has proven to save consumers time, frustration, and money. Instead of having to drive out to your nearest store, shoppers can browse a complete selection from the comfort of their homes during hours that are convenient for them. They can also read reviews, make comparisons, look up essential information, and place an order with almost zero effort.

With nearly every product under the sun being available online, it’s no wonder that online pharmacies are gaining popularity. Instead of dropping off a prescription, waiting for it to be filled, and then making a trip back out to pick up the medicine, people can simply place an order online and wait for their medications to arrive in their mailboxes.

In some cases, they can even sign up for a reoccurring delivery that sends out certain medications as needed. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to step out to the pharmacy and order a refill.

Why are they cheaper?

While convenience is one of the main reasons people are exploring pharmacies online, the price also plays a critical role. As with any other product, buying from online pharmacies can save you boatloads of money. Physical pharmacies have overhead, from keeping the lights on to paying employee wages. That’s not to mention any price markups used to keep the pharmacy profitable.

These same costs do not exist with internet pharmacies. A website that offers mail-order prescription medicines can pass on vituperating costs to its customers. A pharmacy from Canada has even more flexibility since its prescription drugs are often lower in cost than they are in the United States.

In some cases, you can even save money by purchasing a larger quantity of medicines. If you take insulin, for example, you might have to refill your prescription each month. Every time you purchase a refill, you pay a copay with your insurance. Online pharmacies can either send a larger order or break your order into multiple shipments under a single prescription.

The result is that you not only pay less for the medicine but don’t have to pay as many copays for your insurance. Instead of taking insurance, online pharmacies offer greater savings as well as medical expense reports that you can use to make insurance claims.

What Makes Online Pharmacies in Canada Different?

There is a great deal of fear about using Canadian online pharmacies. One of the biggest fears is that medicines from Canada may not be safe. Since the prices are lower, there has to be something wrong with the final product, right?

In reality, Canada and the USA have different healthcare systems with different factors that impact the cost. The bottom line is that online pharmacies in Canada can offer prescription medicine for a better price.

There’s also a fear that some scammy website will simply pretend to be a legit Canadian online pharmacy to earn your trust. They will then take your money or send you an inferior or dangerous product that produces unknown side effects.

The fact of the matter is that online pharmacies in Canada have exceptionally high safety controls and quality standards. An online pharmacy that has been reviewed and certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy would never mislead its customers with low-quality or unsafe medications.

By searching for information about a potential internet pharmacy, you can confirm that it is, in fact, a quality organization.

What To Look For When Buying Medications Online

Because there are so many people out there looking to take advantage of others, you must be careful when purchasing prescription medicine online. You may find a better deal, but that lower price might come with a higher price. The drugs might not have enough active ingredients to do any good.

Before you make a purchase from any of the many online pharmacies on the web, check for the following information:

  1. The site is certified as a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPPS). Currently, there are fewer than 50 pharmacies in the United States that hold this accreditation. VIPPS requires that online pharmacies be reviewed at least once every three years to maintain their certification. Make sure that any online pharmacy you’re considering has a VIPPS logo on its website. VIPPS meets the criteria of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).
  2. The site is affiliated with a reputable organization. Fake or “rogue” pharmacies pop up and disappear all of the time. To avoid falling for a scam, make sure that your mail-order pharmacy is part of a company that you can trust.
  3. The site requires a prescription. Various internet pharmacies don’t require a prescription for your medicine. This kind of statement should raise a red flag as it would be completely illegal. A legit online pharmacy will require a doctor’s prescription before they’ll agree to sell medicines, controlled substances, or narcotics to you. If your prescription isn’t available online, check with your physician and insurance provider to discuss your options. There may be a lower-cost or more available alternative online.

Learn More About Online Pharmacy Safety

When looking at information regarding any mail-order pharmacy, keep an eye out for these red flags:

  • It does not require a valid prescription to order medication
  • There is no licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions
  • Offers prices that are so low they are too good to be true
  • It sends unsolicited spam advertising cheap drugs
  • Are located outside of the USA or Canada Your One-Stop-Shop

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