7 Tips for Taking Myrbetriq Safely

7 Tips for Taking Myrbetriq Safely

Having the uncontrollable urge to pee several times a day is difficult. Not only will this disrupt your daily life, but it can also feel painful to urinate. If you experience these symptoms, you might have a weak urine system or an overactive bladder (OAB). People experiencing this are always in search of Myrbetriq cost.

OAB is a health condition that causes frequent and sudden urges to pee. This will feel uncontrollable and can happen anytime during the day or at night. Sometimes, it is also accompanied by unintentional loss of urine, otherwise known as urgency incontinence.

If you suspect that you have OAB, consult a healthcare practitioner to seek medical treatment. Although the risk of OAB increases as we age, it can also happen to younger adults.  Seek treatment if your symptoms are disrupting your life. OAB is treatable and there are various treatment options for both young and old patients.

Treating OAB

Having the uncontrollable urge to pee can be treated. If your doctor diagnosed you with OAB, you may be prescribed behavioral interventions such as pelvic floor muscle exercises, scheduling toilet trips, intermittent catheterization, using absorbent pads, or bladder training.

You may also be asked to use biofeedback so that you may learn more about your body and allow you to make subtle changes to it, like strengthening your pelvic muscles so you are better able to suppress feelings of urgency. And if you’re overweight, losing some weight may also help ease your OAB symptoms.

Most of the time, these interventions are enough to treat OAB. But depending on your situation, your doctor may prescribe you medication.

Some medications used to treat OAB include (Enablex), (Detrol), Fesoterodine (Toviaz), Mirabegron (Mybetriq), Oxybutin (Ditropan XL, Oxytrol, or Gelnique), Solifenacin (Vesicare), and Tolterodine Darifenacin.

Myrbetriq (Mirabegron) and Possible Side Effects

Myrbetriq is a brand name for the drug, Mirabegron. It’s an oral, extended-release, a prescription medicine used to treat OAB with symptoms of urinary incontinence, urgency, and urinary frequency.

Some side effects of Myrbetriq include:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Cold symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Back or joint pain

7 Tips For Taking Myrbetriq Safely

Myrbetriq is a drug. Taking it can cause side effects and incorrectly taking it can cause serious health concerns. Check out these tips to help you take Myrbetriq safely so that you can focus on improving your OAB.

1. Consult A Healthcare Professional

When experiencing any health concern, always consult a doctor or licensed medical practitioner. They are the only ones qualified to give you a proper diagnosis and they can also help you come up with a treatment plan best suited to your condition and lifestyle.

If you suspect that you have OAB, seek the help of a healthcare professional so they can decide what treatment is best for you. Never self-medicate and take Myrbetriq without a doctor’s prescription as this can lead to serious consequences to your health.

Whether or not you should take Myrbetriq depends on other medical conditions you have along with your lifestyle. Only a licensed healthcare practitioner or doctor can make that evaluation.

2. Purchase Myrbetriq From A Trusted Source

When spending on any medication, you should always get them from a trusted source, a pharmacy that has been approved by regulatory authorities. Therefore, if you want to take Myrbetriq safely, you should get it from a registered pharmacy.

This also gives you the added benefit of having their in-house pharmacist consult if you have any questions about Myrbetriq.

3. Read The Drug Information

Before Myrbetriq intake or any prescription drugs, read the label. Even if your doctor has explained what Myrbetriq does, you want to educate yourself more about it so that you are fully aware of what to expect.

You can also do this while you’re in the pharmacy so you can consult the in-house pharmacist or you can talk to a pharmacy online or by phone before you purchase Myrbetriq.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a pharmacist or your doctor for further information if there’s anything you don’t understand. It is your treatment and you have every right to know what you are going to be ingesting.

4. Follow Your Prescription

You always defer to your doctor or healthcare provider whenever you take a prescription medication like Myrbetriq. Therefore, you must do your best to follow their prescription.

This should include how to take Myrbetriq:

  • Swallow the tablet whole without breaking, crushing, or chewing the tablet. Myrbetriq is an extended-release medicine and any breaking of the tablet can release all of the drugs at once, increasing the risk of side effects.
  • Immediately take a dose of Myrbetriq if you’ve missed a dose. But if it has been 12 hours since your last dose, skip that dose and take your next dose at your usual time.
  • Take Myrbetriq once a day as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t take it only when your symptoms bother you or when you have a big event or a long car ride.
  • If at any point during your OAB treatment, you accidentally take too much Myrbetriq, call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

5. Stay The Course

It takes time for treatment to take effect. Based on clinical studies, using Myrbetriq to treat an overactive bladder takes four to eight weeks on average before there are noticeable improvements in OAB symptoms—meanwhile, some patients only observe improvements after about 12 weeks of taking Myrbetriq.

Each person is different and results may vary so it is absolutely important that you stay the course and keep taking Myrbetriq for as long as your doctor prescribes.

6. Tell Your Doctor If You Experience Serious Side Effects

Though taking Mysbertriq may cause mild side effects, serious adverse reactions should never be ignored. Immediately contact your primary healthcare provider if you experience any of these:

  • bloating
  • blurred vision
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • headache
  • increased blood pressure
  • joint pain
  • memory issues
  • nausea
  • sinus pain
  • sore throat
  • stomach pain
  • tired feeling
  • urinary retention

7. Check In With Your Doctor

Every person’s treatment plan is different. But you don’t have to feel alone. No matter where you are in your journey to OAB recovery, check-ins with your doctor should be done regularly and not only when things are going badly.

As you take Myrbetriq, you want to consult your doctor and let him or her know about your experience and how you are doing. Depending on what you tell them, they may or may not need to adjust your treatment plan which is going to affect how quickly you see improvements in your OAB.

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Myrbetriq cost can range from $14.41 for 25 mg to $16.35 for 50 mg per tablet. Since Myrbetriq is usually prescribed to be taken for weeks at a time, it’s encouraged that patients purchase Myrbetriq in a 30-count package or a 90-count package to lower the cost.

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