Tips for Properly Storing Your Saxenda

6 Tips for Properly Storing Your Saxenda

Carrying excess weight is not only going to make you feel more tired, but it’s also going to cause potentially life-threatening medical problems which are potentially life-threatening. That’s why it’s incredibly important that people maintain a healthy weight and buy Saxenda online, and stay within their suggested body mass index (BMI) range. In this article, we will study how to store Saxenda.

How to Store Saxenda Properly

Unused Saxenda pens must be stored in a refrigerator with temperatures ranging from 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C). But once it is used, a Saxenda pen must be stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature with temperatures ranging from 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C).

Saxenda pens have a short shelf life. Throw any pens after 30 days even if they still have Saxenda in them. Also, never freeze Saxenda. Once it has been frozen, it must not be used.

6 Tips For Properly Storing Saxenda

Saxenda is a self-administered injectable prescription drug. However, unlike other medications, it requires careful handling and storage to keep them fresh, potent, and safe to use.

Before you use Saxenda pens:

1. Immediately store Saxenda in a refrigerator the moment you receive it.

Online pharmacies take special care in storing and shipping Saxenda to ensure they reach you in the best condition.

To help keep your medicine effective and usable, you ought to immediately store it in a refrigerator where the temperature is 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C). This prolongs the shelf life of the injections and makes them usable until their indicated expiry dates.

If Saxenda was exposed to non-refrigerated temperatures higher than 46F, it must be used or discarded within 30 days.

2. Do not freeze Saxenda.

Though Saxenda needs to be stored in a cool environment, freezing will destroy it and make it unsafe for use. Therefore, you must never put Saxenda pens in a freezer whether or not you have started using them.

3. Keep Saxenda away from the freezing compartment.

When storing Saxenda in the refrigerator, take care not to place it close to the freezing compartment. Proximity to extremely low temperatures may damage the medicine hence it should be kept far from anything cold.

Once you start using a Saxenda pen:

4. Keep the pen stored in the refrigerator or under low temperatures for a maximum of 30 days or a month.

Once you start using a Saxenda pen, it no longer has to be stored in as cold an environment. Keeping them either at room temperature or in the refrigerator is perfectly fine. (Tramadol)

Just make sure to use them within 30 days, otherwise, they have to be discarded.

5. When not in use, keep the pen cap on to protect Saxenda from heat and light.

After each use of Saxendra injections, always replace the pen cap to protect the medicine from heat or light, which can damage the medicine and impact its potency.

6. Remove and safely discard the needle before storing the Saxenda pen.

After administering each dose of Saxenda, remove and safely discard the needle used in the injection. Put the needle in an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container right away.

If you don’t have an FDA-approved needle disposal container, put the needles in a tough plastic container that can be sealed and will not leak. Then, ensure this container is properly labeled as containing hazardous wastes.

This practice is important to reduce the potential for contamination, infection, or leakage. It’s also important to help ensure the dose accuracy of your medicine, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Caution: How to Store Saxenda

Given Saxenda’s sensitivity to light and heat, it can sometimes still go bad despite taking the utmost care to store it properly. As such, it is important for you to carefully inspect it every time before you self-administer it.

The color of Saxenda should be clear or colorless. The moment it becomes darker or has any particles in the fluid, the medicine may have lost potency and it is crucial to not use the medicine anymore and discard it.

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