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4 Things You Should Always Tell Your Pharmacist

Estimates show that over half of Americans take a least one prescription medication regularly. Many take a host of medicines, from blood thinners to different types of insulin. With so many people on some kind of prescription plan, it’s no wonder there is a new-found interest in becoming better acquainted with your pharmacist. Whether you get your medicines from the same person for each refill or you’re popping into a new place to grab your over-the-counter drugs, you always have the opportunity to talk with the pharmacist. Here are four things your pharmacist should be informed of:

1. What Medications You Are Currently Taking

Even if two prescriptions deal with entirely different parts of the body, there could be unintended side effects or consequences when they are combined. While you’d like to think that the person writing your prescription, your primary physician, knows which medications you are taking, they may not be aware of any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or supplements are part of your daily routine. More importantly, you want to ensure you’re fully covered in case you’ve seen multiple doctors over the year and one of them didn’t catch your entire medical history. When you work with PharmaServe, we review your medical history, prescription medications, and past orders to look out for possible negative interactions or allergies. Our pharmacists are experts in their field and work diligently to ensure your prescription drugs work for you and not against you.

2. Concerns You Have About Side Effects

The number one question pharmacists get deals with side effects. Some medications can scare people away with a long list of possible side effects. Some of these effects can vary depending on the patient’s race, gender, age, history, and more. You must be aware of the potential outcomes regarding your medication. While many of these effects are rare, you want to know what to look for and how to respond if one shows up. You may also have to decide if a certain side effect is worth the risk for your condition. Because you can trust the team at PharmaServe, you can order prescriptions with confidence. Our pharmacists are happy to go over all of the possible side effects and treatment options.

3. Questions You Have Regarding The Medication

Even if you’ve taken a particular medication for years, you may not be fully comfortable or aware of how the medicine works. Your doctor is certainly able to tell you about why you might need to be prescribed a certain drug, but pharmacists may be able to explain things in a way you’re more likely to understand. In some rare cases, a pharmacist may recommend revisiting your health plan to ensure you’re not taking too many of the same medicines or risking serious side effects. Your pharmacist can also help ensure you know how to properly take the medication, even over-the-counter medication which might seem straightforward. Some medications need to be taken at a certain time of day, with or without food, and the like. Taking a diuretic, for example, at night could mean using the bathroom all night while taking an over-the-counter drug like Ibuprofen without food could make you sick to your stomach. There may also be crucial information regarding if you miss a dose. No one is perfect, so not following regular medication adherence is going to happen. Some medications won’t cause any problems when missed here and there. Others can cause major issues if doubled to make up for the missed dose. It might even be better to skip additional doses until you’re back to a new starting place. Make sure you ask your pharmacist to go over your medications with you to ensure you use them correctly. The team at PharmaServe is happy to go over all of the details about every one of your prescriptions. We’re even here to answer questions long after you’ve taken your medications home. Always ask so we can give you peace of mind.

4. If You’re OK With Generic Medications

Another thing your pharmacist can assist with is getting the right medicine for your budget without causing problems with your insurance company. The reality is that doctors don’t always know what prescriptions cost or which generic medications perform as well as their name-brand counterparts. These are the kinds of things your pharmacist loves to discuss. We often think that brand-name medications are the best versions of the drug. These names are often only used because they market well and are easier to pronounce than the actual drug name. In general, a drug company can only have sole ownership of a drug for 20 years after they file a patent. After that time, other companies can come in and make the same drug at a lower price. That’s why there are so many insulin types available these days. The most important thing is that the active ingredient is the same. Inactive elements, like colors, flavors, etc. can be vastly different. Just because we know the difference between a name-brand drug and a generic, our bodies only react to the active ingredient. Of course, you may want to check with your insurance company before making a decision. In some cases, your insurance may only cover certain brands. In the long run, you want the medicine that is going to do the trick without breaking the bank. When you shop with PharmaServe, we do everything we can to help you stay on your budget and within the confines of your insurance policy. We’re happy to explain the difference between the brand-name and generic versions of all of the medications you take.

The Bottom Line

While your pharmacist may seem like a busy person, they are here for you. That means you are welcome to chat with them about your questions, concerns, and more. From dealing with side effects to picking out the right medication for your needs, your pharmacist can offer expert advice right on the spot. Even though PharmaServe works with patients from a distance, our team is here for you. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about making your life easier with our lower-cost online pharmacy. Whether you’re ready to purchase insulin online or just want to chat about your options, we’re here for you.
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